Friday, August 17, 2012


August 17, 2012

Over the past day and a half, we’ve driven through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, and we've seen more mountains than we thought possible. Some were lush, forest-filled giants and others were stark rock formations with a few straggly weeds clinging to the sides, standing out among the dusty tundra. In the dry areas the only living thing that you see for miles upon miles are these gazelle/deer things that wander around grazing on the sparse vegetation that somehow manages to survive here. Yesterday, in Colorado, it was the exact opposite. Trees were everywhere and it was full of wildlife. All around the hotel were warnings about feeding the mountain lions and bears. The things we are seeing are things that we have never seen before and will probably never see again. This drive has been so amazing. 

- Campbell

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  1. Great post, Campbell. Very well written. I can just see the scenery - through your eyes.

    Love to you and the other Douglases