Wednesday, August 15, 2012


August 14, 2012

Come and leap upon the mountains with me
Come and overcome your fears with me
He beckons me
I hear the voice of my beloved shepherd

He calls my name
He calls me to come away
O my love
Come away

You're looking at the mountains saying
Lord, I can't do it
I know, I know
Lean into me and we'll do it together

I choose to trust you today, Lord
He's teaching me to lean

I choose you
I'll follow
You are calling me by name
I trust you, I'll follow

I am Yours
Yes I am
Wholly Yours

You are my first love
You are my only one
Lord there is
Nothing else for me
Where else can I go
You are the only home I need

- Lyrics from an International House of Prayer song that played last thing before we left to continue our journey

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