Thursday, April 18, 2013

An update on Denise

For the last week, I've visited Denise and Wayne every day to pray, take food and keep company. I've become more and more humbled by their relentless faith and unfaltering love for the Lord and stunning gratitude for His goodness. Even Emma noticed, "They keep saying, 'Thank you Lord,' even when it doesn't seem like things are getting better."

Over the week, others have joined me. Each of my three kids came to pray. I was in awe when Denise anointed Cam with oil and prayed for him, when we were there to pray for her.

There have been worship and prayer meetings with our friends and Bethel church family at Denise and Wayne's. Each time a new person comes to pray, faith arises. God is speaking powerfully to Wayne and to our prayer gatherings on a nonstop basis, giving pictures and scriptures that are confirmed by others. For instance, Andrew got a picture of springtime, I got a verse about spring and someone else who's been in praying regularly has been singing songs about spring to Denise, all of this independently of one another. Also, in the last few days, three different people—two in Redding and one in Guelph—felt the Holy Spirit led them to pray from Ezekiel 37 for Denise.

Each time we pray, there is some small improvement or evidence that God is at work. But still, she seems to be slipping away.

I've struggled with standing faithfully with Wayne and contending for healing versus managing my own emotions. When I'm with them, I feel full of hope and grace and faith, but when I'm not, it's hard. Yesterday, I lost it a little bit during worship at school. I know that they didn't come here for compassion, they came here for healing. They need my faith, not my tears.

And so we thank Him for the good things He is doing, knowing that Jesus' blood paid for everything, including healing. We declare more, ongoing healing for Denise in His powerful name. We stand in faith, like the writer of Hebrews, being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not yet see.

Please keep praying.

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  1. Powerful post, Anne. May the Lord bring her through this crisis to his glory.