Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A prayer request

Yesterday I went to visit a beautiful woman in her mid-forties named Denise. She and her husband Wayne are from Australia. They're here for three weeks because the doctors have told Denise there's nothing more they can do for her. Four years ago, Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer, now it has spread to her bones.

Wayne and Denise are beautiful, passionate believers. They've left their five children, ages four to sixteen, to come to Bethel, where there's a powerful anointing for healing. They went to the Healing Rooms last Saturday but so far, they haven't received their breakthrough.

We had lunch together and got to know each other a little. After lunch, Denise lay her frail body back in bed and we prayed together. The presence of God filled the room. The intimacy these wonderful people have with the Lord was radiant, and it was evident to me that Holy Spirit loves to be with them. It was humbling and heart wrenching.

I felt Holy Spirit warmth all through my body and my hands grew hot. As I laid hands on Denise, told the cancer to leave her body and prayed for the healing power of Jesus to fill her, I knew I owed it to them to focus on faith for her healing and not let my heartache for them cloud my prayers.

During our prayer, her difficulty breathing improved somewhat, and we praised Jesus for evidence that He is at work.

I believe there will be gradual healing for Denise while she's here. I know God is so proud of their radical trust in Him. I have faith that she will be healed.

Please join with me in interceding for Denise.


  1. I will pray for Denise, for you, for the family.

  2. Many prayers for you all. God is so much stronger then any illness.

  3. o dear anne....blessed are you to have met wayne and denise, and they, to have met dear YOU! Best of all they know Jesus, best of all they have come to seek healing where the annointing power and fruit are rich...
    i join the warrior band of those praying for healing for denise, in Jesus name and to His His name,