Friday, October 18, 2013

Family joy

Family is good.

At the time of writing, we’re sitting on a plane, somewhere over the Atlantic, on our way home from my brother’s wedding. Jim married a stunning woman named Jasveen and we’ve just spent the last five days learning all about Sikh wedding customs and traditions.

The wedding was full of vibrant colours and meaningful rituals and loads of food. And dancing. Lots of dancing. Turns out Sikhs love to party. It was a spectacular time. 

Jas’ family was so gracious and welcoming and generous. We now have Sikh “cousins” all over the world, in England, Australia and Vancouver.

It struck me during the festivities that God loves family parties. He loves to pour joy into families. No wonder Jesus’ first miracle was changing water to wine at a wedding. I think He loved family celebrations so much that He wanted to add His blessing in the form of a really good vintage. Heaven’s reserve selection.

I loved spending the time with my mom and dad, sister and brother, aunt and uncle, and, of course, my gorgeous and kind new sister, Jas. Dressing up and eating and experiencing a different country and culture and rejoicing together was so good for the soul.

Weddings don't just bring the couple together, they bring families together, and re-establish who we are to one another. Sitting in a hotel room with my family, processing the day's events, I realized that these people are my peeps.

My parents said some encouraging things to me that felt like deep blessings for my spirit.

When we said good-bye, we were standing in Euston Station in London, surrounded by our baggage, my uncle making wry comments about being eaten by a silverback gorilla on an upcoming trip to Rwanda, my mom rescuing a young tourist who had lost her phone, my sister buying food for the tourist in crisis, my dad fetching coffee for my mother, my aunt organizing the baggage—typical family chaos.

And I chuckled. Because I love my family. A lot.

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