Sunday, December 23, 2012

More class notes - Mary and the Christ child

Bernie Ooley, one of the BSSM bible teachers

I took this longer set of notes from a class taught by our bible prof, Bernie Ooley. She's one of our favorites.

We've now read almost all of the New Testament. Each week one of our bible teachers expounds on a particular book or passage. I found this teaching in my notes from October. 

Like Mary in Luke, we have to learn to ponder things in our heart so that when tough times come we still have the promise of God and we're not trying to force things ahead of God’s plan. Mary was a woman of expectancy. She had no grid for what she heard - it was a new thing. If your vision doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

God loves to use the least likely because then He gets the glory. God will use our education, background, experience but that’s not what qualifies us. [2 Chronicles 16:9]

No word of God is void of power. A word of God has the power to come to pass if it’s just received. If we approach the word of God with our own set of traditions we’re just as bad as Pharisees - we make His word null and void with no effect.

When we get a prophetic word (a promise from God) external circumstances don’t always change overnight. In fact, they begin to look 180 degrees opposite. You’re believing for doors open for your destiny and everything slams shut. The sower sows the word and immediately the weeds come up. So if you’ve received a promise and the opposite happens, you’re right on track.

First thing Mary did is carry the secret in promise. And when she went to someone, she went to someone who would understand - Elizabeth. Don’t tell everyone everything. Entrust the sacred gift by only going to people who have earned the right to speak into our lives. The favor of God opens doors and starts wars, because people don’t understand and get jealous.

        - Bernie Ooley

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