Friday, May 10, 2013

We mourn and we rejoice

My friend Denise from Australia, the one many of you were praying for, died last week.

During the last few days of her time here in Redding, as she slowly slipped away from us, it seemed she was getting more and more glimpses of Heaven. While she couldn't carry on a conversation, she often sang what seemed like songs of praise. 

Miraculously, she and Wayne made it back to Australia to see their kids before she left this earth to be with her Lord. 

I would love to tell you all the things I learned from Denise and Wayne about love and radical faith and family and hope and healing and the presence of God. But it's not the time for expounding on theology or developing theories, it's a time to mourn and rejoice. 

But I will share the wisdom of my children with you. They had all been to visit Denise and had prayed for her healing with great faith. When we were discussing Denise's death, I asked them if they would hesitate to pray for someone so sick next time. 

Emma looked at me, mystified. "Why would we hesitate?"

Campbell said, "If we don't pray for people, they definitely won't get healed."

Cassie didn't say anything. She has taken it the hardest. I found her sobbing in her room last night, making a card that said, "I miss you, Denise." She met Denise when she was still lucid, and Denise prophesied and prayed for Cassie.

I miss Denise, too, and I only knew her for two weeks. As a wife, I can't imagine what Wayne is going through. As a mother, my heart breaks for Denise's five motherless children. I ache for my little daughter's broken heart. 

But I know that my Jesus cares for His little lambs. And I know that a deep desire to see healing has been birthed in Cassie and she will lay hands on the sick and see them healed. 

I also know we'll see Denise again, healthy and whole, in eternity. And I am still absolutely certain that God is good.